The truth about social media that; celebrities, society and your friends wont tell you + who I really am (flaws and all)

  • Saturday Sister: Jessica Watson

    A LITTLE ABOUT THIS WEEKS SISTER: WOW!!!! What an incredible honour to have the amazing Jessica Watson as this week’s Saturday Sister!!! At just 16 years of age she unofficially became the youngest person to sail non-stop around the world unassisted. She is passionate about sailing, adventure and making a difference. Her mission is to […]

  • Meditation, not just for Hippies & Space Cadets

    I remember being younger and having the perception that only colourful and slightly stinky hippies alongside, off-with-the-fairy, space cadets who’d partied at one too many raves meditated…. Oh how wrong I was.  I remember numerous times trying to sit in the cross legged lotus position, and feeling like my ankles were going to snap off […]

  • How to SHINE ON, when darkness surrounds you.

     A lotus seed is sewn in the darkened depths of the earth. For weeks this seed will see no light, only darkness. Yet it persists in growing in the faith that this phase of darkness shall pass, and on the other side will be something truly glorious. At times we can feel stuck, within a […]

  • Saturday Sister: Naomi Goodlet

    A LITTLE ABOUT THIS WEEKS SISTER: We are stoked to have the gorgeous Naomi Goodlet as this weeks Saturday Sister! She is an epic mindfulness crusader, a joy radiator and a spiritual bad-ass. She coaches, she teaches, she is a writer and is extremely passionate about empowering young people to step up and live the life […]


    DOILY DREAM CATCHERS We just know you are going to LOVE this moths  beautiful #DIY project. It’s our favorite so far! These doily dream catchers are stunning, so much fun to make, super easy and cheap. Give it a go, have some fun, take some wicked pic’s (or a video) & post them on Instagram & […]

  • The one word that will help unlock your true potential

    You jump out of bed on a cold and frosty winter’s morning, you quickly walk over to the window and open the blinds up. In that moment golden light streams through the window, it fills your entire room with light, it warms your face and your heart. You feel content, secure and amazing! It was […]

  • Saturday Sister: Rachel Bell

    A LITTLE ABOUT THIS WEEKS SISTER: Rachel is such an inspiring, wise and vivacious young woman who we completely adore!  At just 19 years young she brings so much love, light, joy and wisdom to this world.  She has taken massive leaps of faith in her life to fast track her growth and to pursue her […]

  • Are your thoughts poisoning you?

    For the majority of human beings on this planet, the answer to this question is sadly… “YES” It’s far too easy to fall into the trap of thinking “I have no control over my thoughts, they just come and go as they please” and it’s just as easy to complain about our problems and harp […]