The Meaning of Freedom: By Saturday Sister Sarah Federman

  • The Meaning of Freedom: By Saturday Sister Sarah Federman

    A LITTLE ABOUT THIS WEEKS SISTER:  Wow we are blown away by the amazing Sarah Federman, who just so happens to be this week’s phenomenal SATURDAY SISTER!!!! Not only is she one of the most intelligent women we have ever met, but she uses her amazing skills and strengths to make a difference in the […]

  • 5 Simple Steps To A Happier & More Positive YOU

    Imagine if you were gifted an easy step-by-step guide on how to be a happy &  positive person, how epically amazing would that be? Well my darling, it’s your lucky day, as today I have sat down and poured out my heart and soul just for you, on all the secret little tips, tricks and […]

  • Yo, Chill Home Girl! How to NOT burn out and collapse.

    I’ve noticed that people in life are naturally inclined to be one of two ways either they; Chill out, take their time at doing things, are present and enjoy the process. -OR- They are always going, constantly busy, striving, achieving, and even when they physically stop, their mind is still running at a million miles […]

  • Redefying what it means to be selfish and self-centred

    I want you to be more selfish and more self-centred!!!!! WOAHHHHHHHHHHH I remember so clearly when I first wrote that line, even I felt a shiver up my spine, a heavy icky feeling in my gut and I had a massive resistance that came in the form of a strong and sassy  voice in my […]

  • DIY Funky Fridge Magnets

    FUNKY FRIDGE MAGNETS We just know you are going to LOVE this moths  beautiful #DIY project.  It’s super easy & simple. Not to mention it would make a cheap and easy gift for someone, or and awesome present for yourself!!!  Give it a go, have some fun, take some wicked pic’s (or a video) & post them […]

  • Saturday Sister: Michelle Marie Mcgrath Self-Love Guru

    A LITTLE ABOUT THIS WEEKS SISTER:  Our heart feels like it is going to explode with appreciation for the amazing Michelle Marie McGrath. She has poured so much love and wisdom into this SATURDAY SISTER post especially for you. Michelle Marie McGrath is a Lovepreneur and an Intuitive Self-love Mentor. She coaches women (of all […]